Planet Shifts January 5 – 13, 2019

Pluto enters Uttara Ashada Nakshatra on January 6, 2019 at 6:11 am EST where it will be for most of 2019, except for Sep 7 – Oct 28 when he retrogrades back into Purva Ashada and stations direct there. Purva & Uttara Ashada are a nakshatra pair. They translate to early and later victory. Pluto is not one of the Nava Grahas (9 graspers or planets) of Vedic Astrology, but in Western astrology it is a collective or transpersonal planet. It has to do with transformation, power, hidden depths, things that are buried, literal and metaphorical death & rebirth at collective levels as well as a deeply personal psychological level where our buried stuff lies. Pluto spent the bulk of 2018 in Purva Ashada whose evolutionary attribute is to cleanse the soul of ignorance so it can open to a universal of consciousness. Surely 2018 was a year where the eyes of humanity were opened to a multitude of things buried in the hidden depths of society across cultures. Purva Ashada is ruled by Apas the God of water and has the Shakti Power to purify and invigorate the cosmic waters. I think we can all think back to world events and glimpse the effect of Pluto’s presence in this nakshatra. Going forward into 2019….

Pluto will spend the bulk of 2019 in Uttara Ashada where the perception of life shifts from personal concerns to universal concerns. Actions performed on the humanitarian level in accord with dharma and spiritual goals is the path to the Shakti Power of unstoppable victory that is inherent in Uttara Ashada. After the cosmic waters are invigorated, purified and ignorance is dispelled in the prior Nakshatra, Uttara Ashada awakens humility, empathy, and refines virtues. It represents a quest for spirituality, deeper knowledge, social relations and proper alliances. There are 10 Gods, the Sons of Dharma, the Vishavedas whom preside over Uttara Ashada. The Vishavedas are: Vasu (goodness), Satya (truth), Kratur (will power), Daksha (ritual skill), Kala (time), Kama (desire), Dhriti (forbearance), Kuru (ancestors), Pururavas (abundance), and Madrava (joy). Their influence is intellectual development and socialization on the universal level. They bestow recognition and support when we walk a universal path alongside allies in support of each other. May we look for these Vishavedas within us as we tap into the transformative power of Pluto to make the world a better place for all of humanity in 2019.

Uranus stations Direct on January 6, 2019 at 15:25 EST in Ashwini Nakshatra where it will remain all year. Uranus is a modern planet (not one of the nava grahas “9 graspers”) that represents the collective and transpersonal. Uranus is associated with seemingly sudden change and awakenings to perspectives beyond the agreed upon Saturnian reality. Ashwini is a nakshatra of transport and healing. It has the Shakti Power to reach things quickly and is associated with prana (breath) and miracle cures. Ashwini is presided over by the Ashwins or Ashwini Kumars, twin horse deities and celestial physicians. Here we can awaken to what needs to be healed in our lives, body, mind and soul. The horse qualities of Ashwini are strength, courage, agility, speed and vital energy. Uranus in Ashwini indicates a year where changes can happen quickly. Ashwini’s symbol of the horse head reminds us to use ours.

Mercury enters Purva Ashada Nakshatra on January 9, 2019 at 20:32 EST for 9 days

Buddha, the planet of buddhi – the discriminatory intellect enters Purva Ashada where is can access the Shakti Power to purify and invigorate the cosmic waters. It is good for opening our minds to universal consciousness and the observer of our thoughts in meditation. It is good for recognizing the spiritual and psychological battle that exists in all of us which is at the essence of the Bhagavad Gita: the pure discriminatory intellect attuned with the soul (Pandavas in the Gita) and the blind sense-infatuated mind under the delusive influence of the ego (Kuravs in the Gita). During the next 9 days try to discern which aspect of the mind is motivating your goals, actions and reactions. Mercury conjoins Saturn 3.5 days later (January 13 at 8:31 am EST). While they are in the same sign and Nakshatra is a great time period to observe our thoughts and purify false limiting beliefs that provide the excuses to keep us from our true path and right action.

Sun enters Uttara Ashada Nakshatra on January 11, 2019 at 2:39 am EST for 13 days. This is the Sun’s Nakshatra and the Vishadevas, 10 sons of Dharma, rule this Nakshatra. It is a good time to focus on following the joy of your heart from a universal perspective (rather than the sensory desire perspective of the ego) in accord with Dharma. This is an excellent time to deepen your knowledge of spiritual truths or anything related to advance you along your true path.  It is an excellent time to recogonize your allies in the world, those with whom an exchange of mutual support exists as you walk alongside each other on a universal path holding a humanitarian perspective.  The Sun conjoins Pluto four hours after entering Uttara Ashada (January 11 6:36 am EST) which can be incredibly empowering or deepening for your spiritual or universal path. But if the egoic-mind engaged in personal desires of the senses is leading the way, you may find yourself involved in situations of power & control where one side is wielding it expecting the other side to yield to it. Let your heart lead the way with goodness and truth.

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