Planet Shifts March 20 – 27, 2019

March 24, 2019 at 13:26 EDT Mercury conjoins Neptune in Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra. All three outer planets, not typical to Vedic Astrology, indicate change in some way. Neptune’s change occurs through sacrifice, loss or dissolving things. Neptune gives spiritual insights and insights beyond the veil of physical reality. Neptune also causes confusion and lack of clarity; it blurs boundaries and creates illusions. This confusion can show up in our communications with others and our decision-making process. It is important not to jump to conclusions or make decisions without having all of the facts.  Fact check and ask questions. Use due diligence related to commerce. This is the second of three conjunctions Mercury and Neptune make. How did the first Mercury-Neptune conjunction impact you on February 19th? You may find you re re-visiting something from around that time to gain more clarity and dispel illusions. Their 3rd and final conjunction this year occurs on April 2nd.

March 27, 2019 at 7:17 am EDT Venus enters Shatabisha Nakshatra for 11 days. Shatibisha is the nakshatra representing 100 healers and an affinity for sky watching! It is a veiling nakshatra with the Shakti Power of healing. It is ruled by Varuna, originally the God of Cosmic Order. The Sun was his eye and the Wind was his breath and Soma (Moon God) was his son. Later on, the gods decided to establish a clearer hierarchy and Varuna became Lord of the Oceans. Varuna is depicted riding a sea monster that is half fish and half antelope. He carries a lasso and can have two or four arms. Varuna is a divine healer who poured the waters of life to heal illness and give immortality.

Venus is related to desires of the senses and sensory pleasures. Venus represents our attachments to things and situations in the physical realm, things that entrench us in the world of form that veils the spiritual world. This is a time to bring spiritual healing into our lives or to give or receive it from others. It is also a good time to look beyond the veil of our senses and see through the illusions we are caught up in.

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