Classes with Julene – the Added Benefit

Julene Louis has Jyotish Visharada certification through CVA, the Council of Vedic Astrology. Therefore any recorded classes, live classes, or private tutoring taken with Julene count toward the 600 credit hours required by CVA to sit for the Jyotish Visharada exam. Please see the CVA website for compete information about the certification process and certification  requirements.   While you do not have to have plans to become a certified Vedic Astrologer to learn from Julene, it is nice to know that your time spent learning with Julene will count toward earning that designation should it be or become your goal.

Types of Classes Currently Available

Weekly In Person Classes: These are held at the IAA Cleveland Center in Westlake, OH. They begin in the fall of each year. The next set of beginner Vedic classes are scheduled to begin in October 2016.  Read more detailed information and register.

Private Mentoring: If you choose me as your Mentor for your CVA certification, I will mentor you though your 10 required case studies. Or if you want to fill gaps in your knowledge I can work out a private tutoring plan with you to teach you what you want to learn from me.   Read more details.

Classes Coming in 2017

Weekly Online Classes: These are held through the International Academy of Astrology, IAA, and involve weekly homework. They begin in the spring of each year and include an Introduction to Vedic Astrology course which gives a broad overview of what all Vedic Astrology can do. The JYO series courses then take you deeper into Vedic Astrology. Read more detailed information and registration instructions.

Self Study Classes: I am in the process of creating multi media course packages that focus around particular topics. These will be a mix of written lesson, class notes, audio recordings and video recordings. The first set will become available in early 2017 and more will released as an ongoing process as they are created. Get more information and updates.

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