Private Tutoring

Private Tutoring Classes – the Logistics

These one hour private classes will be held online via Zoom.  We will schedule a meeting time that works for both of us. You can purchase them one hour at a time as desired or order a package of five or ten classes at a discount. You will have to ability to record the class sessions onto your computer or the cloud.

Types of Mentoring

Mentoring for CVA certification: As a CVA certified Jyotish Visharada, I can mentor you through the certification requirements to sit for the Jyotish Visharada exam. As your mentor, I will also help you to find the correspondence course and other required class hours that will best suit you to come up with the 600 required hours. As per the CVA requirements for this level of certification, I will mentor you though your 10 case studies. You will do the write up of your case studies as required and we will have an hour long class for each one to go over them before submission. Each private tutoring hour is equal to 10 hours, so the 10 case studies are worth 100 hours.

Case Studies, Vedic, for CVA certification 
Case Studies, Western, Modern & Hellenistic

Includes natal chart study & timing major life events. Type of charts & timing techniques vary by east & west systems.

$108 per case study via Zoom
10 case studies for $950 (save $130)
5 case studies for $490 (save $50)
Must purchase all 5 or 10 at once.
See exception.

Contact Julene to schedule
Pay Pal invoice must be paid prior to session.

Technique Driven Tutoring in Western or Vedic Astrology

For those who want to learn, brush up on, or practice a technique that interests you. Includes discussion of technique and practice using it.

$50 per hour via Zoom
5 tutoring sessions for $200 (save $50)
Must purchase all 5 at once.
See exception.

Contact Julene to schedule:
Pay Pal invoice must be paid prior to session.

Exception: Want to see if I am good fit as your tutor before buying a session package? I get that! Try one session for $108 or $50 accordingly, and then pay the balance of the package price if you wish to continue.


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