Private Mentoring

Private Mentoring Classes – the Logistics

These one hour private classes will be held online through Skype or another a virtual meeting platform that is free for you to use.  We will schedule a meeting time that works for both of us. You can purchase them one hour at a time as desired or order a package of five or ten classes at a discount. I will record the class sessions and send you a link to download and save the video recording of your private class. Because video recordings can unexpectedly go wonky sometimes for seemingly no apparent reason, the recordings are a free bonus and are not a guaranteed part of the mentoring. However I will additionally record an audio version of the class to ensure you at least have that. It is rare that the video doesn’t work, but it can happen. I’ll be as prepared for that as possible for you.

Private Mentoring – the Options

Mentoring for CVA certification: As a CVA certified Jyotish Visharada, I can mentor you through the certification requirements to sit for the Jyotish Visharada exam. As your mentor, I will also help you to find the correspondence course and other required class hours that will best suit you to come up with the 600 required hours. As per the CVA requirements for this level of certification, I will mentor you though your 10 case studies. You will do the write up of your case studies as required and we will have an hour long class for each one to go over them before submission. Each private tutoring hour is equal to 10 hours, so the 10 case studies are worth 100 hours.

Private Mentoring to Fill Gaps in Knowledge: Let’s face it, there are many resources available that enable us to learn a fair amount of Vedic Astrology on our own. However we often reach a point where we need to ask questions or pick a teacher’s brain about a particular technique. Or we realize we are only finding skim the surface information about a technique and want to explore it deeper. Or we realize there are significant gaps in our knowledge and can’t find the right resource to fill them. Or we just want someone to check in with to see if we are correctly applying techniques. These instances and others like it are what this Private Mentoring option is for.

You can schedule just a one hour question and brain picking or check in session where anything goes because you drive the session.

Or you can contact me with a list of the topics you want to learn. I will put a class schedule together with the number of weeks it will take to cover your topics and email it to you to agree to or tweak. Then you will decide how often you want to meet – weekly or every other week – and we will agree on the schedule.  Then you can purchase the sessions here if the number of weeks is five or ten. If it is some other number, I will prorate the cost accordingly and invoice you via Pay Pal where you can pay with a credit card if you do not have a Pay Pal account.

Want to actually talk to me to make sure I am the right teacher for you before booking any mentoring or tutoring sessions? That’s totally cool. I get it. There are many great teachers out there and it is important to find the right fit. Just contact me and include your phone number along with your country code if outside the U.S., your time zone and the time frame(s) where you can take my call in your time zone. I will convert it to my time zone and give you a call at my earliest opening in your time frame – usually within 24 hours. If you are on the other side of the world and it will be longer than 24 hours I will email you to let you know I did receive your message and when you can expect my call. If I can not phone your country, I will email you to arrange a Skype call or give you a link to a conferencing platform at your preference.

<ADD to cart 1 hour session $108>

<ADD to cart 5 sessions 1 hour each $525>

<ADD to cart 10 sessions 1 hour each $1008>

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