Self Study Classes

Downloadable Multi-Media Self Study Classes – Coming Soon

I am in the process of creating multi media course packages that focus around particular topics. These will be a mix of written lesson, class notes, audio recordings and video recordings. The first set will become available in early 2017 and more will released as an ongoing process as they are created.

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Self Study Classes – the Logistics

These are classes that are available for purchase as downloads. The lesson files will be in either mp3 or mp4 formats depending if they are audio or visual. When visuals are needed to understand the material or chart examples are used in the class, the download will be in mp4  video format. When visuals are not need the classes will be in mp3 audio format so that you can listen without having to sit in front of the computer. Written lessons or class notes in a pdf file will accompany each class so that you have something to study after listening or watching the class.

The classes will be available for individual purchase, and the individual classes will also be packaged with related topics as a course. The course package price will be cheaper than purchasing each individual class in the course separately. But the purchase separately option will enable you to pick and choose only the topics you want within a course package. You’ll have to do the match and decide which is best for you.

The first class of each course package will be embedded on this web page or a subsidiary and free to watch so you can get a taste of what the course is like before purchasing. There are no refunds once the class or course is downloaded because the materials can’t be returned. So please sample before you buy by playing the free class 1 recording that will appear with each course package.

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