Types of Readings Available


Personal Vedic Astrology Readings are readings of your birth chart along with the additional charts that are derived from your birth chart to fine tune the information. The current transits are applied to your natal chart to determine what is happening now and in the near future. Also your major and minor dashas or planetary periods and sub periods are analyzed to ascertain which karmas and natal promises are ripe for fruition right now or in the near future. There are a few types of readings to choose from but not matter what you choose, your reading will be tailored to meet your needs. Schedule Your Reading   or  Read More Information.

Prashna (Horary Questions) are for quick yes and no questions, finding lost objects, and other one time queries into a particular situation. It is important that the question is asked for the first time. You can’t ask one astrologer, tarot reader or other such practitioner a question, receive an answer you don’t like and ask it again to someone else. The chart of the second time you ask either won’t be radical – meaning it won’t show the question in the chart and therefore can’t be answered, or, the chart will show the time of the question has passed. You have to wait until something about the circumstance has changed significantly to alter the original result, and then you can ask again.   Read more about posing Prashna questions, and scheduling instructions, then ask yours.

Muhurta (Electing Auspicious Moments) This is for electing the most auspicious time to do something very important in life.  Typical elections are for things like getting married, starting a business, filing a law suit, making a major purchase, putting your home on the market, having an elective surgery, starting a treatment or health routine of some sort, etc to any important undertaking where you be flexible with “when.”  Order Your Muhurta or Read More Information 

Vedic Astrology Consultations – the Logistics

Vedic Astrology Readings with Julene Louis, Jyotish Visharada take place over the phone or Skype per your preference. If you are in the Cleveland, Ohio area, they can take place in person. No matter which reading you choose, your appointment will be tailored to meet your needs. I prefer to dialogue conversation style with you rather than talk at you to allow the consultation to unfold with presence in the moment. So readings with me allow the space for you to share whatever arises in the moment.

Appointments are automatically confirmed if payment is made at the time of scheduling. The appointment scheduling system will ask you if you want to pay later or pay now with Pay Pal. You do not need to have a Pay Pal account to pay with Pay Pal, you can pay with a credit card. When you select to “pay now with Pay Pal” you will be re-directed to a new page that allows you to pay with the money in your Pal Pal account or to pay with a credit card. The credit card option is at the bottom near the footer.

Payment is due at least 48 hours in advance of your appointment because I examine your chart and your concerns before I meet with you to deliver the reading. This allows me to give you the maximum amount of information possible for your time. Appointments that are scheduled with the “pay later” option are only tentatively penciled in. Your chosen appointment time will be confirmed when payment is received. If payment is not received 48 hours before your appointment, that time slot can open up for someone else to book.

All Personal Vedic Astrology Readings include a free copy of your Vedic chart and a free mp3 recording of the session. The chart will be sent to you via Email before you reading. The recording will be sent to you within 48 hours after your appointment via a link through Email. The link will enable you to download the recording to save to your computer or device.

If you have questions before booking your appointment contact Julene 

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