Muhurta (Electional)

Muhurta – Electing Auspicious Moments   $250  (+ $50 for additional charts)

This is for electing the most auspicious time to do something very important in life.  Typical elections are for things like getting married, starting a business, filing a law suit, making a major purchase, putting your home on the market, having an elective surgery, starting a treatment or health routine of some sort, etc to any important undertaking where you can be flexible with choosing “when.”

The moment to undertake any important action can be chosen astrologically for optimal results.  When electing the best Muhurta for your event, I will include looking at your birth chart, dashas & transits that indicate the best window of opportunity for success in the time frame you provide me with. I will consult the Panchanga for the best day within that time frame, and I will find the best chart of the moment to give you the time frame on that day. Often there is no time choice where everything is “perfect” but rather a few good choices reveal themselves depending on what is most important to accentuate for your venture.  I will provide you with all available options to choose from if there is more than one, and help you to understand what aspects of the election are fortified or minimized in each choice.

Muhurta – the Logistics

When ordering a Muhurta, schedule the time you want to have your preliminary 30 minute phone session with me so that I can fully understand the event you are electing and what is most important to you viewing the event or venture as a success. Also if you have a preferred time table, I will check if your chart, dasas, transits and solar return agrees or discuss an alternate window of time.  There is no perfect chart. Concessions will always have to be made. Having a dialogue with your first helps me to maximize the auspiciousness of most important things and make the concessions where they don’t matter as much. For example in a marriage election I would ask you what is most important in your life together beyond love, happiness, and a lasting marriage being a given. If having children is important then we want to fortify the house of children and make our concessions somewhere else.

After your initial intake appointment, I will send the results of your muhurta (the best day and time, or choices if that occurs) to you by email within 3 – 7 days, though typically about 5 days. We will schedule another 15 minute appointment afterwards to discuss the result (30 minutes if more than one time choice). Both appointments are included with the Muhurta.

Events like marriage, forming business partnerships, and buying or selling something that you co-own will involve the chart of the other person(s) involved as well as your own. There is an additional charge of $50 for each additional chart to be considered with the Muhurta. Please also include the birth data of the other(s) when you select this reading.



Notices & Policies

Privacy Notice: I will never discuss your Muhurta  with anyone, nor will I share your birth data or the elected  chart with anyone, nor will I even tell anyone you asked me to do a Muhurta for you. Your privacy is completely honored and respected. Your important event and the edge you gain from auspicious timing is yours to flaunt, or not, as you choose.

Cancellation Policy for Muhurta: You can cancel your Muhurta up until one hour before your preliminary 30 minute phone appointment time and receive a full refund.  Cancellations less that one hour before your preliminary phone appointment time will receive a refund minus a $25 cancellation fee.

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