TMA August September 2020 Sky Maps

Below are Sky Maps that will help you to locate the planets from the Sky Watch column in the August-September 2020 issue of The Mountain Astrologer.

01-Aug-20 9:00 PM Jupiter above Moon, Saturn east of Moon

03-Aug-20 5:30 AM Venus below Zeta Tauri

09-Aug-20 Moon & Mars at Midnight

10-Aug-20 Moon Mars in the east, Saturn & Jupiter in the south at midnight

15-Aug-20 5:30 AM Venus between Tejat & Alhena

28-Aug-20 8:30 PM Moon Jupiter & Saturn in SSE at sunset

28-Aug-20 at 10:30 PM Mars in the east, Saturn, Moon, Jupiter in the south

29-Aug-20 at 10:30 PM Mars in east, Moon, Saturn & Jupiter in the south

08-Sep-20 at 5:30 AM Venus below Castor & Pollux

13-Sep-20 5:30 AM Venus below Moon

15-Sep-20 5:30 AM Venus above & west of Moon

21-Sep-20 7:50 PM Mercury & Spica at sunset

24-Sep-20 8:00 PM Moon, Jupiter, Saturn in the south

25-Sep-20 8:00 PM Moon, Saturn & Jupiter

30-Sep-20 5:30 AM Venus above and west of Regulus

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