TMA October November 2019 Sky Maps

Below are Sky Maps that will help you to locate the planets from the Sky Watch column in the October / November 2019 issue of The Mountain Astrologer.

Mercury & Venus at sunset on October 1st and Moon, Jupiter, Saturn

Venus & Mercury in the west at sunset on October 3, 2019 also Moon with Jupiter and Saturn in the south

Venus & Mercury setting in the west at sunset on Oct 5, 2019, also Jupiter and Moon with Saturn

Locate Mars below the Moon just before sunrise on Oct 26, 2019

Mercury, Venus, Moon & Jupiter at sunset on Oct 29, 2019

Mercury & Venus in the west at sunset on Oct 31, 2019. Moon moving toward Jupiter and Saturn

Moon between Jupiter & Saturn on Halloween 2019. Mercury & Venus in the west at sunset.

Venus & Mercury in the WSW at sunset on November 1st. Also Jupiter, Moon & Saturn

Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn & Moon at sunset on November 2nd

Mercury & Mars just before sunrise on Nov 18, 2019

Jupiter with Venus just after sunset on Nov 22, 2019 also Saturn.

Venus with Jupiter on Nov 23, 2019 at Sunset and Saturn

Moon with Mars above Mercury on the morning of Nov 24, 2019

Venus with Jupiter on Nov 24, 2019 just after sunset, also Saturn

Venus with Jupiter on Nov 25, 2019 just after sunset, Saturn above and left (east)

Venus continuing to separate from Jupiter on Nov 26, 2019 heading toward Saturn

Moon with Saturn on Nov 29, 2019 with Venus and Jupiter below and west.

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