Nitya Yoga (panchanga)

Nitya means daily.  These are daily yogas formed by the angular relationship between the Sun & Moon. Since the Moon travels on average 13°20’ a day, these Yogas are based on that angle of separation between the Sun and Moon. These take a bit longer than a Nakshatra where only the Moon’s movement is considered. With the Nitya Yogas the Sun is moving as well, and the Moon has to travel 13°20’ away from the Sun for each Nitya Yoga. There are 27 of these as well. Some are favorable and some are not. For the inauspicious Nitya Yogas there are specific portions of them to avoid. You can use them after that time period is over if their indications are relevant to what you are electing to do.  The time period is stated in Ghatis. A ghati is 24 minutes. There are 60 ghatis in one day.

The most auspicious Nitya Yogas are: 21-Siddha, 25-Brahma, and 26-Indra.

The favorable Nitya Yogas are: 3-Ayushman, 4-Saubhagya, 5-Sobhana, 7-Sukarma, 11 Vriddhi, 12-Dhruva, 14-Harshana, 16-Siddhi, 20-Shiva, 22-Sadhya, 23-Shubha, and 24-Shukla.

The less favorable Nitya Yogas are: 2-Priti, 8-Dhriti, and 18-Variyana.

The inauspicious Nitya Yogas are: 1-Vishkumbha, 6-Atiganda, 9-Shula, 10-Ganda, 13-Vyaghata, 15-Vajra, 17-Vyatipata, 19-Parigha, and 27-Vaidhriti. Of these numbers 17 & 27 should be avoided the entire time.

Indications of Nitya Yogas

Meaning Indications Time to Avoid
1 Vishkambha
Jar of Poison Good for overcoming obstacles, competitive ventures, wealth, will to succeed. Inauspicious when motives aren’t pure, and because frustrations or ill will leads to more obstacles & uncertain results First 3 ghatis
(1 hr 12 mins)
2 Preeti   (Priti)
less favorable
Loved One Good for gaining popularity, when charisma or eloquence are required. Less favorable due to being easily influenced by desires.
3 Ayushman Respected One Good for health, longevity, success & wealth.
4 Saubhagya Good Luck Good for all actions, brings happiness & luck.
5 Sobhana Bright & Shining Good for things related to the intellect, beauty, sensuality & earning through honorable means.
6 Atiganda
Very strong knot
Inauspicious because it is destructive, deceptive &unhappy. First 6 ghatis
(2 hrs 24 mins)
7 Sukarma Good Actions Good for taking action, wealth, success, accomplishment, business & arts.
8 Dhriti
less favorable
Steady, Constant Good when support, consistency, loyalty and patience is needed. Less favorable because it can lead to greed and dominating others.
9 Shula
Sharp, Piercing Inauspicious because it gives anger, conflict & pain. First 5 ghatis
(2 hrs)
10 Ganda
Knot (hindrance) Inauspicious because it gives attachments, addictions, greed, harshness & discontent. First 6 ghatis
(2 hrs 24 mins)
11 Vriddhi Increase, Growth Good for growth, expansion, wisdom, speech, wealth, business & trade.
12 Dhruva Eternal, Stable Good for wealth, learning and when stability, constancy, and longevity are required. Not good for things that will require change or movement.
13 Vyaghata
Defeat, Blow Inauspicious because it is dangerous, wrathful, dominating and can bring injury. First 9 ghatis
(3 hrs 36 mins)
14 Harshana Joyous Good for fame, popularity, wisdom & joy.
15 Vajra
Hard, Severe,
Indra’s Thunderbolt
Good for power, strength, bravery, energy & motivation. Inauspicious because it can be hard, uncaring and fearsome. First 3 ghatis
(1 hr 12 mins)
16 Siddhi Success, Accomplishment Good for success, fulfillment, protection & achievement in all ventures. Especially good for acquiring spiritual knowledge and studying ancient religious & philosophical texts
17 Vyatipata
Most Inauspicious
Calamity, Disrespect Most inauspicious because it is deceptive, unclear, moves in many directions, creates disrespect, & extreme difficulties. All 60 ghatis
(24hrs– all of it)
18 Viryana
less favorable
Ambitious, Strong Good for ambitious enterprises. Less favorable because it can be greedy, overly ambitious, boastful & egotistical.
19 Parigha
Iron bar, Barrier Inauspicious because it brings hindrances, blocks & barriers. First 30 ghatis
(12 hrs)
20 Shiva Auspicious, Bliss Good for success, respect, honor, intelligence, peace, bliss, love. Especially good for Jyotish, Yoga, mantras, yantras, & control of the senses.
21 Siddha
*most auspicious
Accomplished, Proven, Celebrated Good for success in business and all ventures where virtues, adeptness, & special or multiple skills are required.
22 Sadhya Accomplished,
Good for accomplishing goals. Especially good where truth, purity & virtues are needed.
23 Shubha Auspicious, Radiant Good for wealth, success, happiness, beauty & grace.
24 Shukla Pure, Bright Good for intelligence, power of speech, wealth, success, & the arts.
25 Brahma
*most auspicious
Eternal, Wise Good for wisdom, honor, good judgment, resoluteness, secret wealth and ventures that are creative, spiritual or scholarly.
26 Indra
*most auspicious
Excellent, First, Best Good for wealth, honor, power, prestige, popularity, and ventures that involve the intellect & beneficence.
27 Vaidhriti
Most inauspicious
Division, Malignant Most Inauspicious because it is agitated, inflexible, obstinate, unhappy & misaligned. All 60 ghatis
(24hrs– all of it)
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  1. Mohan V says:

    Every nithya yoga has a lord, for eg Saubhagyam, Vyaghatham and Sadhyam, their lord is Venus.
    can you state the lords of the different nithya yogas?
    Similarly in a day the yoga changes at fixed intervals.
    can you please provide me with the details for each day

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