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Jumping right into a quarter lunation cycle blog that tells the ingresses, stations, and aspects as they change would leave out information of the slower moving factors that will not change for months or years. Since this would leave out information of the energies available to us from those planets until their placement shifts, I decided to write this introduction. The placements and aspects described below are in place on (and prior to) September 9 until the end date specified. I am using the sidereal zodiac with Lahiri ayanamsha for the sign and nakshatra ingresses, and whole sign Vedic aspects for this blog. While it is not traditional to use the outer planets in Vedic Astrology, my time in Western Astrology has shown their importance and I cannot, in good conscious, deny that.

Planetary Placements with the Shakti Powers of the Nakshatra on September 9, 2018 until noted:

As we look at the world around us and within ourselves, we can probably see both positive and negative uses of Shakti. Ideally the Nakshatras are to be approached without ego to give positive benefits that aid in the evolution of humanity and the cosmos.

Uranus                 Aries                     Ashwini               no change until 2020

The planet of change and awakenings is tapping into the Shakti Power to reach things quickly; of miracle cures; and of prana.

Pluto                    Sagittarius          Purva Ashada    until 1/6/19

The planet of power and transformation is tapping into the Shakti Power to purify and invigorate the cosmic waters.     

Rahu                    Cancer                 Pushya                until 12/6/18

The planet of disruptions and illusions of imagined fears is tapping into the Shakti Power of spiritual energy through speech, prayer and practices.

Saturn                  Sagittarius          Mula                    until 11/27/18

The planet of restraint and hard work is tapping into the Shakti Power to destroy the root to create and harness time to advantage.

Jupiter                 Libra                     Vishaka               until 10/27/18

The planet of wisdom and expansion is tapping into the Shakti Power to achieve goals through efforts, and to achieve abundance over time.

Neptune              Aquarius             Purva Bhadra    until 10/16/18

The planet of illusion and dissolution is tapping into the Shakti Power of Universal perspective through the fire of purification.

Ketu                     Capricorn            Shravana            until 9/26/18

The planet of past conditioning and disillusionment with the material world is tapping into the Shakti Power to connect diverse elements through listening, understanding and aspiration.

Mars                     Capricorn            Uttara Ashada   until 9/25/18

The planet of courage and assertiveness is tapping into the Shakti Power of unchallengeable victory and the strength of Gods and alliances. 

Sun                       Leo                       Purva Phalguni  until 9/13/18

The planet of vitality and our heart center is tapping into the Shakti Power of union and procreation.

Venus                  Libra                     Chitra                   until 9/10/18

The planet of love and desire is tapping into the Shakti Power of form, variety, abundance and righteousness.

Mercury              Leo                       Magha                 until 9/9/18

The planet of the intellect and exchanges is tapping into the Shakti Power to change, end a cycle and leave the body.

Whole Sidereal Sign Vedic Aspects of the Planets in Place on September 9, 2018 until noted:

In Vedic Astrology, aspects are called drishti which means glance. All planets can glance at or see planets in the same sign and opposing sign. These are mutual aspects where both planets can see each other. In addition a few planets have special aspects that are not mutual: Saturn sees planets in signs 3rd and 10th from itself. Mars sees planets in signs 4th and 8th from itself. Jupiter sees planets in signs 5th and 9th from itself. It is also popular among Vedic Astrologers to consider Rahu and Ketu seeing planets 5th and 9th from themselves. No other planets have special glances in addition to the same and opposing sign.

For aspects of the planets after these dates, please see the Planet Shifts blog that contains the end date.

Mutual Aspects
Saturn & Pluto                  same sign            until January 2020
Venus & Uranus               opposing signs   until 1/1/19
Mars & Ketu                      same sign            until 11/5/18
Mars & Rahu                     opposing signs   until 11/5/18
Jupiter & Uranus              opposing signs   until 10/10/18
Venus & Jupiter                same sign            until 10/10/18
Mercury & Neptune        opposing sign     until 9/18/18
Mercury & Sun                 same sign            until 9/16/18
Sun & Neptune                 opposing sign     until 9/16/18

Non Reciprocated Aspects
Mars makes 8th sign glance at Mercury    until 9/18/18
Mars makes 8th sign glance at Sun            until 9/16/18
Jupiter makes 5th sign glance at Neptune until 10/10/18

Kala Sarpa Yoga 9/6 – 9/20
This is the “time serpent” yoga. All visible planets & luminaries are on the same side of the nodal axis until September 20, 2018 when the Moon breaks the Kala Sarpa by moving to the other side of Ketu. This isa time when things may seem to be driven more by fate. Pay attention to signs and synchronicities that tell what you should begin or let go of. What is it “time” for in your life?

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