Lunar Cycle of Sep 9, 2018 – Oct 7, 2018

The New Moon occurs at 2:01 PM EDT on September 9, 2018 in Purva Phalguni Nakshatra.

New Moons in general are a great time for starting new projects, initiating good habits into your life, and new beginnings of any kind. However, since the Moon is dark, combust and invisible when New, it is not the best idea to actually begin your new venture at the new Moon. Wait until the Moon is at least 12° separated from its conjunction with the Sun. The actual day of the New Moon is excellent for setting your intention for the month, meditating on how to best achieve your goal, planning your new venture, and doing a ritual to empower your intention. The power of the month’s intention can be amped up when aligned with the Shakti of the Nakshatra that the New Moon occurs in, bearing in mind the Shakti available through the Nakshatra of the Full Moon’s culmination of the cycle. Nakshatras are asterisms based on fixed stars: Vedic Astrology’s Lunar Mansions of the Gods. Each Nakshatra has a specific Shakti Power to tap into. Shakti is the activation of the dynamic flow of primordial cosmic energy associated with kundalini. Shakti is the feminine counterpart to Shiva – the universal feminine force that brings manifesting energy to the universal masculine sea of unmanifest potential of cosmic consciousness. Meditating on tapping into the limitless sea of cosmic potential and feeling the presence of the cosmic forces of Shiva and Shakti in your body, noticing where energy gets stuck and breathing into those chakras or muscles to release the block and resume the flow of energy are excellent rituals for any day – but especially important at the New Moon to release blockages in the physical and etheric body and self-thwarting limitations of the mind and emotions in preparation for a new cycle of expansion of growth.

This lunation cycle begins in sidereal Leo in the Nakshatra of Purva Phalguni associated with the star Zosma, marking the hind end of the Lion. This New Moon specifically is best for initiations that align with relational growth as well as creating from the heart that which brings you happiness. Located entirely in Leo, Purva Phalguni is a creative, procreative, youthful, exuberant, and ambitious nakshatra that expands horizons of experience. The Shakti Power of union and procreation is available for us to tap into under the new lunation cycle commencing in Purva Phalguni. The Purushartha or Aim of Life associated with this Nakshatra is Kama, which is desire, passion, love, sensory pleasures, and enjoyment of life. However, due to Zosma’s inclusion in this asterism, we should be mindful to caution ourselves against selfish, egoic tendencies and melancholy associated with the star.

In contrast to the melancholy of Zosma, the ruling deity of Purva Phalguni is Bhaga, the God of Bliss who bestows material prosperity and affluence. Bhaga is also one of the names of the Sun. Bhaga protects marital happiness and provides energy for growth and expansion. Venus as the ruling planet relates to the material desires, love and happiness associated with this nakshatra ruled by the God of Bliss. Shiva’s marriage procession began here! Thus, it becomes self-evident that the Shakti Power is one of union and procreation. As should the realization that selfish or egoic actions and ambitions will eventually lead to melancholy rather than happiness.

In Purva Phalguni the inner potential activates toward materialization; we realize our heart’s true desire and set our ambitions to achieve it.  The primary guna or quality of nature inherent in Purva Phalguni is tamas with rajas as the secondary level. Tamas is often associated with inertia, darkness or ignorance and gets a bad rap. In truth the three gunas (tamas- inertia, darkness; sattva -light, purity; rajas-passion, activity) are inherent in all things. The inertia of tamas coupled with Purva Phalguni’s symbols of the hammock and the front legs of a couch, cot or bed indicate a period of resting in the stillness to find your center before taking up the rajasic activity, which is secondary. The important thing is that you follow your heart from a place of centered stillness before initiating activity to achieve your ambition, which can be material, spiritual, or both.

Combined with Uttara Phalguni all 4 legs of the couch, cot or bed represent the 4 heads of Brahma, the 4 dimensions of space and the 4 Vedas. Both Phalgunis represent the unity of various capabilities and human potentials that are brought to fruition.  Purva Phalguni represents the materialization impulse and is highly creative. They are often dubbed the former (purva) and later (Uttara) “Lucky One.”

The Full Moon on September 24, 2018 at 22:52 EDT occurs in the sidereal sign of Pisces and the Nakshatra of Uttara Bhadrapada. Here we see another nakshatra pair, with Purva Bhadrapada. The couch or bed are symbols for both Bhadrapadas and both Phalgunis, and the Aim of Life is again Kama. From here the energy differs. The primary and secondary guns of Uttara Bhadrapada are sattvic; purity, light, goodness, spirituality. The perspective shifts from personal and one on one unions (Phalguni’s) to universal with unions of a more collective nature. Algenib and Alpharatz, the stars marking the eastern side of the Great Square of Pegasus which sits above the very dim stars of Pisces. The ruling planet is Saturn and the Ruling Deity is Ahir Budhyana a serpent of the deep. The Shakti Power is growth and perspective from divine grace.

The seeds of the Lunation Cycle in Purva Phalguni culminate in Uttara Bhadrapada. The seed of intention for new unions culminates with a solid foundation (Saturn) and depth (Ahir Budhyana). The expansion and growth of current unions culminates with commitment (Saturn) and depth (Ahir Budhyana).  The stillness of Purva Phalguni’s tamasic guna brings rajasic activity at its secondary level to culminate in Uttara Bhadrapad’s light, purity, and spirituality of the sattva guna. The creative impulse of following the heart culminates by finding its role in the collective. By tapping into the New Moon’s Shakti Power of union and procreation, in a selfless non-egoic way, the realization of the Full Moon’s Shakti Power of growth and prosperity from divine grace can be tapped into for the second half of the lunation cycle.

Considerations for this Lunation Cycle:  What latent creative potential do I wish to tap into this month? What is my heart’s desire to create? Which new unions do I want to form? Which existing unions do I want to expand and grow?

Centering Thought for this Lunation Cycle: The sea of infinite possibilities is within me. Through stillness, I quiet the false desires of the ego and connect with my true heart’s desire, following it selflessly with love and joy to where it is needed in the collective. I am aware of Divine Grace in my life.

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