Planet Shifts September 16 – 23, 2018

On September 16th at 7:15 pm EDT, the Moon enters its First Quarter Phase. The Moon is half lit and we should see some results of the seeds of our intention set at the New Moon. This week may also bring some challenges to overcome. In Jyestha Nakshatra, they may be challenges related to jealousy or betrayal. Stay true to your course, and ensure not to betray others, your vision, or the purpose in your heart as you follow your path. Jyestha has the Shakti Power to rise and conquer through courage and effort. This does not mean to conquer others, it means to conquer the parts of your mind, emotions, and senses that are your own nemesis – and to rise to the assumption of empowerment, not to wield power.

On September 16th at 9:17 pm EDT, the Sun enters sidereal Virgo (Lahiri ayanamsa) until October 17th. There is a change of seasons during this time. As the weather cools and we become exposed to more people with colds, we should take care to strengthen our vitality. The Sun reaches its detriment in Libra next month, so we want to put good health habits in place to increase our vitality while it is in Virgo.  Also, the Sun’s entrance into Virgo should help us to follow our heart in a more practical and efficient way. We may start to see a good routine emerging. While in Virgo, the Sun is seen by Saturn via its 10th aspect and by Ketu via its 9th aspect. On a positive note, the Saturn aspect should provide a strong work ethic and perseverance regarding our creations and commitment to the unions that were important at the New Moon. It can also provide us with obstacles or limitations in these areas to work around. Use the discernment and critical thinking of Virgo to move through this. The Ketu aspect gives permission to let go of that which isn’t working in favor of the effectiveness of what is working as well as drawing on past creations or relations that fit your vision moving forward.

Later on September 16th at 11:52 pm EDT, Mercury enters Uttara Phalguni until September 24th. With both the Sun and Mercury in this Nakshatra, the probability amplitude for Shakti Power of wealth from union & through marriage increases two-fold.

On September 18th at 6:45 pm EDT Mercury joins the Sun in sidereal Virgo until October 6th. Mercury and the Sun will also see each other again which helps in getting our heart and mind on the same page. Also, the mind may become judgmental. When used properly (i.e. not being critical of people but rather in ways of operating) this is a good thing – evident by the fact that Mercury is both in domicile and exaltation in Virgo. This is the time to use our discerning judgement to really ferret out what is or isn’t working and find better ways to do things. This period may also reveal matters that need practical attention or more efficient and effective ways of doing thing. Mercury will also be seen by Saturn and Ketu. This can focus our mind and intellect on work, and historically what has been efficient in the past. It will also help our mind to let go of self-limiting beliefs.

On September 20th at 9:51 pm EDT Mercury and the Sun are in superior conjunction (direct, with Mercury on opposite side of Sun from Earth. Western Astrology has a term called cazimi that exists when a planet in within 0 degrees and 14 minutes of longitude from the perfection of conjunction with the Sun. Cazimi is when the planet is in the heart of the Sun (which cannot be literally in the center of the Sun’s disk unless the planet is also in parallel declination to the Sun). Cazimi is a small portion of a planets combustion period where instead of the Sun burning up the planet’s energy (combustion), the planet is super-charged with Solar Energy (cazimi). The cazimi window that super charges intellectual creativity lasts from 3:16 pm EDT on September 20th to 4:36 am EDT on September 21st.

On September 22nd at 9:55 pm EDT the Sun crosses the ecliptic into south declination which marks the Autumnal Equinox. The following day September 23rd at 3:14 pm EDT, Mercury crosses into south declination. All seven Classical planets (5 visible and 2 luminaries) will be in south declination until September 25th when the Moon moves into North declination. The moon spends half of each month on each side of the Ecliptic. The other planets will remain in south declination until January 1, 2019 when Mars crosses into North Declination. South declination is said to be more private and internal oriented in contrast to north declinations public and external orientation. Having a majority of planets in south declination is asking us to contemplate how we fit into and can serve the collective.

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