Planet Shifts October 8 – 15, 2018

New Moon October 8, 2018 at 11:47 pm EDT in Hasta Nakshatra.

Visit my Lunations Blog for information on how to align your objective with the cosmos this month. Hint, it is all about actualizing our dharma.

October 10, 2018 at 8:38 am EDT Mercury enters Swati Nakshatra for nine days. Swati is ruled by Vaya, the Wind God, and has the Shakti Power to scatter like the wind. This is excellent for communications and commerce. This is an auspicious time frame to start a blog, engage social networking, exchanges or marketing. The Messenger’s power to spread the word far and wide is amped-up by Swati’s Shakti Power. This is also a good time to engage in the arts or take a class on a subject that excites you because Saraswati, the Goddess of Arts and Learning, is associated with this nakshatra along with Arcturus the guarding of learning. If you are teaching a class, use these nine days to spread the word to potential students. If you are selling something related to the arts or learning, amp up your marketing during the nine days the plant of commerce is in Swati. It should boost your sales by becoming seen by new people, especially word of mouth referrals.

Arcturus is also protector of those entering a new life style and a visionary who leads the way to a better life through the exploration of new ways and means. This is Rahu’s Nakshatra, the North Node, often associated with where we are headed on our path. On the internal level, Mercury here indicates a good time to think about the thought patterns that are getting in your own way, scatter them to the wind and put a positive affirmation in their place.

October 10, 2018 at 3:51 pm EDT Sun enters Chitra Nakshatra for fourteen days. Chitra is ruled by Tvashtar aka Vishvakarma the Celestial Architect – creator of Gods, the Universe and all living creatures. He is a protective God of Craftsman and craftmanship. There is a story about him and his daughter, Sanja, who married the Sun but couldn’t do her dharma in his presence since he shown so brightly. Vishvakarma cut the Sun’s effulgence and foraged celestial weapons from it. There is an inclination in Chitra Nakshatra to do one’s Dharma (in addition to crafting things). In fact, the crafting of celestial weapons was secondary result that came out of enabling his daughter to perform her dharma. And Chitra is Mars’s Nakshatra. These two things tell us that sometimes to do our dharma, we have to muster up the courage and prowess of Mars to fight through some obstacles or trials face a few demons be they inner, outer, or one reflecting the other.

These next two weeks are good time to embark on our own Hero’s Journey of sorts along our dharmic path.  And remember for the first nine of these fourteen days, Mercury is in Swati aided by Arcturus to find our true dharmic path. The Sun in Chitra asks us to cut the effulgence of our ego (lower Sun quality) and come from the divine spark of our heart space (the higher Sun quality, our natural Atman indicator) and do our work in the world because it fills our heart with warmth, light and joy to follow our true Dharmic path. Spica is associated with Chitra and symbolizes bounty, the harvest and gifts to mankind. The Shakti Power available to us through the Sun’s transit in Chitra is the power of accumulation of good karma.

October 11, 2018 at 9:50 am EDT Jupiter enters Sidereal (Lahiri) Scorpio where it casts its glance upon Rahu the North Node of the Moon in Sidereal Cancer, and Rahu glances back. This mutual aspect of Jupiter and Rahu lasts until March of 2019 when Rahu retrogresses into Sidereal Gemini. Jupiter is Guru (teacher) and Brihaspati (minister of Gods).  Jupiter is the planet of religion, spirituality, philosophy, teaching, travels and dharma. He is the great benefic who expands or increases everything he touches to provide opportunity and abundance. With the aspect to the North Node, he is opening and expanding possibilities on our life path. Look to the water sign houses in your chart (sidereal Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) this is where both Jupiter and Rahu impact you for the next five months. New paths may open up in these areas, and/or expansion and abundance may occur in these areas for you – especially if you quiet the imagined fears of the unknown (Rahu) with Jupiter’s optimism, good luck, favor and take a leap of faith.

Rahu has been in Cancer impacting the water houses in your chart for about a year now. If you are on the wrong path, or if the path simply ended, Rahu has been causing disturbances in the water house areas of life to let you know. It is said that Jupiter is the only planet that can overcome Rahu. For the next five months while Jupiter also impacts the water sign houses, favor, fortune, good luck, optimism and faith are working to help you find the right path or a new path. If the last year was not causing disturbances in the water house areas of life, you are probably on the right path already and Jupiter should bring expansion and abundance in those areas to confirm you are indeed on the right path.

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