Planet Shifts November 1 – 6, 2018

November 2, 2018 at 5:09 pm EDT Mercury goes Out of Bounds until November 20th. When planets go Out of Bounds, their indications can become atypical. The regular significations can be extreme or they can become unpredictable or eccentric in their manifestations, acting in ways outside of their typical norm. Out of Bounds planets do not accept limitations and may not be aware of boundaries. With Mercury out of bounds, we may get some flashes of insight from outside of the box thinking. It is a good time to problem solve by looking at the problem from a different point of view to come up with new solutions. Also, we may find ways are blocks or limitations for things related to Mercury with this out-of-bounds perspective that has a rather Uranian feel to it. For the next 18 days, Mercury favors outside of the box thinking. Try out some new perspectives!

November 5, 2018 at 9:52 pm EST Mars enters Sidereal (Lahiri) Aquarius where it joins Neptune and is glanced upon by Saturn. Mars leaves his place of exaltation in Capricorn and enters the humanitarian sign of the Water Bearer. In the planetary cabinet, Mars is the army chief. Mars is of the warrior caste which includes politicians. This comes a few days before elections in the USA.  Neptune is a planet that has some of Ketu’s significations like dissolution and deception. While Mars is in fixed air Aquarius with Neptune for about seven weeks, we want to be sure we are acting on good information rather than the forceful dogma of fixed ideas. Mars with Neptune is also indicative of the spiritual warrior. We may find we are being called to be a spiritual warrior in the house where this conjunction occurs in our charts – especially if we have planets in Aquarius, Leo, Taurus or Virgo that are being aspected by Mars in Aquarius.  Saturn’s glance upon Mars can be a stabilizing or concretizing force upon Mars actions. It can also cause us to act based on what we think we “should” do because our parents, society, or some authority has programmed us to believe that. Neptune can help to dissolve any Saturnine programs that may have been just fine and necessary at some point but no longer serve us. Being aspected by both Saturn and Neptune, Mars brings an awareness to the internal battle between agreed upon external reality with its illusions of Maya and the spiritual reality that is beyond the veil of what can be seen or perceived with the senses. May we pierce the veil and cut through the illusions of what is false and display courage to be become spiritual warriors for all of humanity – pouring the Aquarian healing waters of life back into the world, one autonomous action at a time.

November 6, 2018 at 9:12 am EST Sun enters Vishaka Nakshatra for thirteen days.  Vishaka’s symbol is a decorated gateway and its stars are Zuben Elgenubi & Zuben Eschmali. As planets pass through this area of the sky, they often pass between these two stars to symbolize passing through a gateway. The gateway is not only about external discovery and achievement; here we also cross through a gateway to the deeper spiritual dimensions within ourselves. Vishaka is often referred to as a star of purpose. It is a dharmic nakshatra with the Shakti Power to achieve many goals. The ruling deity of Vishaka is Indragni – a combination of Indra (God of the Natural Elements) and Agni (God of Fire). Indra was King of the Gods associated with lightening and Agni was invoked in fire rituals to carry the messages to the heavens.  The Sun in Vishaka represents crossing through the gateway to our divine heart center; to leave the ego or False Self behind and step into the expression of our True Self. This of course is easier said than done! But it does represent embarking on a journey of self-discovery that brings us closer to the goal of self-realization.

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