Lunations Blog – Full Moon January 21, 2019 Pushya Nakshatra Lunar Eclipse

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 06-Cancer-44 (sidereal Lahiri) in Pushya Nakshatra on January 21, 2019 at 12:16 am EST.  Lunar eclipses occur when the Full Moon is conjunct one of its nodes (Rahu or Ketu) and the Sun is conjunct the opposite Node. This Lunar eclipse is conjunct Rahu because the Sun-Ketu conjunction occurred at the New Moon Solar Eclipse. Eclipses tend to obscure things or bring attention to something hidden in the dark. They are disruptive in nature because they involve Rahu and Ketu. Outcomes we expect may be obscured or fail to produce results until the effect of the eclipse passes. Something secret or hidden may be revealed as well. This would involve matters of the house where the eclipse falls in your chart and any planet that is conjunct the eclipse degree with a few degrees of orb. If the eclipse is conjunct a planet, look also to the houses that planet rules in your chart as things can be obscured or revealed in those areas of life as well. The effect of an eclipse tends to last for six months with the most prominent during the lunation cycle where the Lunar Eclipse occurred. The effect can last up to one year anytime a planet passes over the sensitive eclipse degree. The Full Moon represents the culmination of the cycle whose seeds were sewn at the New Moon. The New Moon Solar Eclipse on January 5, 2019 occurred at 21-Sagittarius-17 (sidereal Lahiri) in Purva Ashada Nakshatra. Thus, the seeds of this cycle were sewn to reveal what needs to be purified in our life and our ego, to reveal our hidden latent qualities and to invigorate nurturance of our creativity. (For more info on the solar eclipse see my January 5th Facebook post or Lunations Blog at my website.) The culmination of this energy occurs in Pushya Nakshatra with the Shakti Power of “spiritual energy.”  The presiding Deity of Pushya is Brihaspati, who is Jupiter in is form of Priest of the Gods. In the Rig Veda, Brihaspati was the first sage born from the first great light who drove away the darkness. He carries a bow strung with cosmic order. Pushya’s primary motivation is Dharma. Both Purva Ashada and Pushya are spiritual Nakshatras. The eclipses this season may bring out an inner need to nourish ourselves spiritually and reveal a greater spiritual awareness in our lives. What we nourish with spiritual energy that is aligned with Dharma should blossom into the flower that is the symbol of Pushya.

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