Planet Shifts January 21 – 26, 2019

Venus conjoins Jupiter at 21-Scorpio-56 (sidereal Lahiri) on January 22, 2019 at 7:26 am EST. The two major benefics conjoin today! Both of these planets are teachers and advisors. Jupiter’s role in the planetary cabinet is the Spiritual Advisor and Venus’s is Diplomatic Advisor. Jupiter is the teacher of the Gods and Venus is the teacher of all who are not Gods. Their conjunction occurs in Jyestha, the nakshatra of the “eldest.”  These benefics can access the Shakti Power of Jyestha to help you “to conquer” lower negative forces in favor of a higher, deeper, more wise and enlightened perspective.  How can you benefit from a higher or deeper perspective in the matters of the house where this conjunction falls in your chart? How is it connected to the houses that Venus and Jupiter rule in your chart?  What elder wisdom do you have to share or receive today? You may have already noticed or felt this happening since January 17th when Venus entered the same nakshatra as Jupiter. The effects of this conjunction will remain in effect until January 29th when Venus enters Sagittarius leaving Jupiter behind in Scorpio.

Sun enters Shravana Nakshatra on January 24, 2019 at 5:00 am EST for 13 days. Shravana is presided over by Vishnu and the Shakti is the “power to connect diverse elements.” In the beginning, in order to create the world, the Supreme created Himself in the form Brahma from His left side. He created Vishnu from His right side to sustain it, and Shiva from His center to destroy it. Vishnu is depicted floating on the cosmic ocean, upon the serpent Shesha Naga, with his wife Lakshmi (goddess of abundance) at his feet, dreaming the universe into being. Shravana means “to hear” and its symbol is an ear. Shravana is connected to oral traditions of learning. The listening of this nakshatra takes place on several levels. On the outer level it is listening to others to help make connections to each other or to their path, and for connections along our own path. On the inner level it is listening to the indwelling God. Shravana represents a search for peace and harmony within ourselves that comes through the silence of a quieted mind, listening to the Divine within. Vishnu floating on the cosmic ocean works to show us illusions of maya evident in the rough seas of the life and the mind and helps us to see Truth behind the veil of matter through quieting the mind, listening to the cosmic OM in the silence, and finding harmony and balance. The Sun is the natural indicator of the Atman or Soul and the heart center. This is an excellent time to quiet the chattering egoic-mind in favor of turning inward to listen to what your Heart & Soul have to say about things that are perplexing you. Sun also represents consciousness. This is also an excellent time to raise your consciousness toward the abundant divine that is all around us and within us.

Mercury enters Shravana Nakshatra on January 26, 2019 at Noon EST for 8 days. Mercury remains in Shravana for a shorter duration than the Sun because Mercury is moving very quickly right now as he heads toward superior conjunction with the Sun on January 29th. Today Mercury’s speed is 1-degree 40-minutes per day, and travels around the backside of the Sun from Earth, he will reach his greatest speed of this cycle which is 1-degree 48-minutes per day. The Messenger has his wings for sure right now!  Information can be exchanged quickly and news can travel fast. Shravana’s symbol is the ear not the mouth. Try to do more listening than talking, and use Mercury’s discriminatory aspect of the intellect to be sure what you are sharing is true. It is important to fact-check at this time. Fact check what you hear before you repeat it. This is also a good time to listen to what your chattering mind is going on about all day long. It will give you incredible insights into what your ego is focused on. Then, think of Vishnu, presiding over this nakshatra, floating on the cosmic ocean upon the serpent Shesha Naga with his wife Lakshmi (goddess of abundance) at his feet dreaming the universe into being, and see what you are bringing into being with those thoughts that run around in your head all day. Quiet them and listen to what that spark of divinity in your heart has to say about it.

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