Planet Shifts January 27 – February 3, 2019

Venus enters Mula Nakshatra on January 29, 2019 at 12:59 pm EST. The planet of love, beauty, sensory impressions and desires enters sidereal Sagittarius and Mula Nakshatra. The Galactic Center runs through Mula which means “root.” Mula is associated with getting to the root of the matter. It has attributes of investigative research as well as obsessive compulsive behavior. The black hole at the center of the galaxy provides an image of the dance of destruction and creation. The presiding Deity is Nirriti – a goddess of calamity who lives in the realm of the dead. She has the power to destroy, break things apart. The Shakti Power of Mula is to “damage or destroy the root to create.” Nirriti is an aspect of Kali. Kali is often depicted with a necklace of human skulls dancing on Shiva’s body. This dance destroys illusions and creates through destruction. The dance that destroys illusions and creates through destruction appears as life’s calamities, misfortunes and profound losses – where illusions and ego attachments are often literally destroyed as an evolutionary process that cause us to look deeper into the spiritual meaning of the unfortunate circumstance. The stars associated with Mula are Lesath and Shaula, the stinger stars of the Scorpion that dip below the ecliptic, another indication of the dangers and poisons of the underworld. What is poison in large doses can be healing in small doses under the correct circumstances, thus Mula also is also associated with healing and herbal medicines. Mula’s shakti power to damage or destroy has the evolutionary attributes of dispelling illusions and detaching from the egoic false self in order to transform the experience in a way that creates spiritual realization and enlightenment. There is profound cosmic spiritual wisdom in this Nakshatra that springs forth from the navel of Vishnu, the center of the galaxy.

With Venus here, we should be aware of the damage we can cause each other in all types of relationships, the metaphorical poisons we are fed or feed to another, and strive toward healing relationship wounds by destroying the toxins. Venus in the prior Nakshatra of Jyestha may called up something that needs to be transformed and healed. Here, we dispel any illusions around that, recognize what the egoic false self has been hanging onto and detach from the ego’s illusions in order to allow spiritual realization take its place. Too, this can be about the ego’s attachments to possessions that we falsely think define us or about the ego’s attachment to its desires. If Venus is connected to the house of your body (1st house) or the dusthana houses (6th, 8th or 12th) it can be a good time to examine the poisons you feed your body as sensory indulgences. Look at the houses of Taurus and Libra in your chart. Venus, the ruler of those houses, is transiting through a Nakshatra that is conducive to ridding toxins, promoting healing, dispelling illusions and bringing in profound spiritual wisdom. Obviously, Venus is also bringing this energy to your house of Sagittarius and your house of Gemini which she is currently glancing at.

Mercury conjoins Sun on January 29, 2019 at 21:52 EST.  The discriminatory mind joins forces with the super-conscious mind; the intellect meets consciousness. However, when planets conjoin the Sun they are combust. Combust planets have a harder time performing their dharma because they are weakened by the Sun. The story of the Sun’s wife Sanja placing her handmaiden Chaya (shadow) in her place to go off and do her dharma tells us this. When we have been outside for a prolonged period of time on a hot sunny day, we have felt the Sun’s power of combustion to deplete our energy. Thus, we may want to give ourselves a break if we are not feeling so communicative or are having trouble making the right judgement call. The Sun is the natural karaka or indicator for the Atman. Rather than trying to figure everything out with our minds, it is a good time to turn our mind inward, allowing the chatter to be consumed by the fire of the Sun, and listen to the answers that arise from the higher level of consciousness within us. This conjunction is occurring in Shravana which means “to hear” and its symbol is the ear. It is presided over by Vishnu with the Shakti Power “to connect diverse elements” – elements the intellect may not think of but higher consciousness beyond the intellect is aware of.

While orbs of combustion can be argued, if we go with 8.5 degrees, Mercury’s combust period began on January 16th at 10:39 AM EST and ends on February 10th at 2:41 AM EST. Mercury’s combustion period is while transiting through Purva Ashada, Uttara Ashada, Shravana and Dhanistha. Thus, if the early or later victory of the Ashadas produced a lesser result than expected in the houses ruled by Mercury in your chart, use Shravana to listen within and to connect the signs you see around you as the diverse elements revealing a higher consciousness regarding the matter.  Mercury will enter Dhanistha on February 3rd which is associated with Shiva’s cosmic dance and Krishna’s flute. Hear the tune within yourself, hear the silence between the noise, open the mind to receive spiritual knowledge, and get ready to dance to the beat of your own dharma.

Mercury enters Dhanistha Nakshatra on February 3, 2019 at 5:45 am EST. The planet of the intellect, discrimination, communication, commerce, and exchanges of all kinds enters Dhansitha. Dhanistha means “drum” or “bamboo-cane flute.” This has associations with divine music of Shiva’s drum (cosmic dancer) & Krishna’s flute. The point is that the instrument is hollow and represents the great silence beneath the noise of manifestation and how sound allows us to perceive the Cosmic Void at the root of manifestation where silence resounds the real nature of things. When Krishna plays his flute, his devotees are attracted to the tune and renounce self-consciousness and personal & social considerations so the soul becomes hollow like the drum or flute in order to emerge with the Supreme and become one with the Flame. The 8 Vasus rule Dhanistha. They are the personification of cosmic energy and give the Shakti Power of “wealth and fame” especially when one turns what it heard in Shravana into a divine symphony in Dhanistha. Dhanistha also has connections to the vital sheaths of the aura. Drumming has been associated with clearing negativity in subtle energy centers across ancient cultures.

With Mercury the drumming of Dhansitha can be used to clear away attachments to ideas or self-centered outcomes, purifying the ego-mind, awakening the mind to a hollow state where it can receive spiritual knowledge, decipher inner reality with more spiritual depth, and bring that wisdom discovered in silence to all types of Mercurial exchanges.

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