Lunations Blog – Full Moon February 19, 2019 Magha Nakshatra

The Full Moon occurs on February 19, 2019 at 10:54 am EST in Magha Nakshatra at 6-Leo-35 (sidereal Lahiri). The Full Moon is the culmination of the seeds of the lunation cycle that were sewn at the New Moon. Remember, the New Moon occurred in Shravana and the qualities of the initiating seeds of this cycle included listening, learning, connecting diverse elements, taking bold courageous actions that result in stability and sustainability of our dreams becoming reality, increasing abundance in our lives, taking time to listen to what arises in the silence between thoughts, and attuning to our higher self and indwelling Divinity.

From this seed of intention comes the Full Moon in Magha Nakshatra with the symbol of a throne room or palanquin. It is a fierce Nakshatra with the primary motivation of Dharma. Through listening in the first half of the cycle we have hopefully unfolded something related to our Dharma that is realized at the Full Moon. Regulus is the star associated with Magha. It is one of four Royal Stars, specifically the watcher in the North. Regulus is the heart of the lion; it represents honor, courage, a noble mind and kings. Yet all Royal Stars have a nemesis to overcome, and Regulus’s nemesis is destructiveness that can make success short-lived. Through additional symbols of Magha Nakshatra, we work to control our senses, work out the past, connect to the masses, and gain the help of ancestral guides to help regulate our actions and align the fierceness of the Lion’s Heart appropriately toward materialization and preservation.

Both Regulus and the palanquin symbol show the elite status of Magha and its associated qualities of affluence, luxuries, physical comforts, ambition, leadership, materialism and idealism. The Sun, the King in the planetary cabinet and also the natural karaka or indicator of the Atman rules Leo. The servants that carry the palanquin represent the five organs of the senses and their corresponding five organs of action that carry the soul on its outward journey. Ketu, the ruling planet of Magha is the south or descending lunar node that represents the past as well as turning inward spiritually to find peace and happiness. Ketu can give victory with the masses by understanding and tapping into what humanity needs. Ketu is also a karaka of moksha which indicates working out the past and liberating the soul from past karmas.

The Pitris are the ruling deities of Magha which speaks to familial lineage associated with this Nakshatra. The Pitris are the original progenitors of the human race and are associated with tradition, ancestral pride and cultural purity. They guide the evolutionary process of families. They are similar to guardian angels who oversee and nourish the karmic evolution process from afar but intervene to provide protection to the family at times of major crisis. There are seven classes of Pitris. Three are noncorporeal Pitris: Agnishvattas, Barhishads and Vairajas. Four are corporeal Pitris, the deities Somapas, Havishmanas, Ajyapas and Manasas. The Pitris are also ancestral spirits of the dead going back three generations.  Through the Pitris we see Magha’s qualities of pride and loyalty to lineages be it the family lineage, a spiritual lineage or a lineage of knowledge. With Ketu’s influence it can also be working out family karma or karmic themes that have been passed down for generations.

To realize the dream sewn in Shravana at the New Moon, we have to work out the past with the Full Moon in Magha. The house where the Full Moon lands in your chart will indicate familial patterns or past karmas you need to work out to attain sustained success.

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