Moon with Aldebaran & Venus – April 25 & 26

Look due west as sunset darkens to sky to see the Moon join Aldebaran this evening April 25 and then Venus tomorrow April 26. Aldebaran is the alpha star of Taurus, marking the eye of the Bull. Aldebaran is a red giant with a radius 44 times larger than our Sun. Red giant stars are further along in their stellar development than main sequence stars. Red giants have fused all the hydrogen at their cores into helium and are working on fusing the hydrogen in the shell around their, now, helium cores.

Aldebaran, located at 15:56 Taurus (Lahari ayanamsha), is the star that marks the 4th Nakshatra, Rohini, which spans 10:00 – 23:20 sidereal Taurus. Venus is near the end of Rohini and will enter Mrigashira on April 27th at 7:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time. April 25 & 26 are powerful days for elections related to Venus because not only is Venus in her own sign of Taurus, and the Moon is exalted in Taurus. Additionally, Jupiter in Capricorn is casting its 5th aspect (trine) to Venus and Moon for added favor and support. Of course, Jupiter is in its sign of debilitation and is with both malefics Saturn and Mars in their own or exalted signs, so Jupiter’s support may be less than expected. None the less with 4 planets in their own or exalted signs all influenced by Jupiter, and the Sun exalted in Aries, it should very easy to find a good time to fortify the Ascendant and appropriate house of your election on either of these two days. Depending where you live one of these days will be more favorable – the third lunar day or Tritiya.

You can check this by looking at the Panchanga, or Vedic Calendar for the day. There are many free Panchanga apps available for your phone. Depending where you live you will have Dvitya (second lunar day) and Tritiya (third lunar day) as your choices – OR – Tritya and Chaturthi (third and fourth lunar days).  What matters is the tithi in place at sunrise, because that sets the tone for the day.  Look for the Tithi (lunar day) to list Tritiya during the time of sunrise in your city or nearest major city. Tritiya is the best choice you will have. If you have the second lunar day, or Dvitiya, it is also favorable though Trityia is more favorable. If you have the fourth lunar day, Chaturthi this is an unfavorable day for your election to do something out in the world. Chaturthi is best spent cleaning house, discarding old things and doing things related to purifying and clearing. Chaturthi is the best tithi to pray to Ganesha to remove obstacles.

April 25, 2020 at sunset. Moon to the right (west) of Aldebaran and Venus above the Moon


April 26, 2020 at sunset. Venus to the right (west) of the Moon.

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