Julene Louis is a professional member of CVA, the Council of Vedic Astrology, though which she obtained her Jyotish Visharada designation. She is qualified to provide Professional Vedic Astrology consultations and mentor students through the CVA’s Jyotish Visharada certification program. She began as a Western Astrology and has studied Psychological Astrology, Archetypal Astrology, and Hellenistic Astrology as well.  She is a graduate of the International Academy of Astrology and holds Western Certifications through NCGR & ISAR.

Julene has been teaching astrology and giving professional astrology consultations since 2000. She is the author of the Sky Watch column in The Mountain Astrologer and co-founder of the Sky Astrology Conference. To view her qualifications, experience and to see what students and clients have to say about Julene, read more.

Julene’s Astrological Education

Julene’s Professional Astrologer Credentials

Julene’s Consulting Experience

  • Part-Time Consulting Astrology Practice began in 2000
  • Full-Time Consulting Astrology Practice began in 2006

Julene’s Teaching Experience

  • Began teaching beginner Western Astrology courses at the IAA in 2000
  • Began teaching advanced Western Astrology courses at the IAA in 2002
  • Began speaking at astrology groups and conference in the USA, Canada & Mexico in 2006
  • Began teaching Vedic Astrology courses at the IAA in 2012
  • Began private tutoring in Vedic Astrology in 2015
  • Guest teacher at the Midwest School of Astrology in 2015

Julene’s Curriculum Development Experience

  • Restructured the curriculum at IAA in 2008
  • Helped revise the entire Natal Studies Module at IAA in 2015
  • Co-authored five course books for the IAA in 2015

Julene’s Astrological Community Involvement 

  • Served as Media Director for IAA from 2000 – 2005
  • Served on the IAA Board of Directors from 2002 – 3/2018
  • Served as the Education Director for IAA from 2005 – 3/2018
  • Served as Recording Secretary for AFAN from 2005 – 2010
  • Served as CEO of the IAA from 2009 – 3/2018
  • Served on the AFAN Steering Committee 2010-2011
  • Served as Book Reviewer for the CVA 2016 – 2017

Local Groups & Conferences where Julene has lectured

  • Local Astrology Groups: Lake County Astrological Association in Ohio, Akron Astrological Society in Ohio, Ohio Valley NCGR in Cincinnati, Princeton Astrological Society in New Jersey, Annapolis NCGR in Maryland, Asheville Friends of Astrology in North Carolina, Astrological Society of Connecticut in Middletown, South Florida Astrological Association in Ft. Lauderdale, Washington State Astrological Association in Seattle, Rocky Mountain Astrologers in Colorado, Astrology Toronto in Canada, Astrology Mexico in Mexico City.
  • Major Astrology Conferences: MAC Midwest Astrology Conferences, GLAC Great Lakes Astrology Conferences, UAC United Astrology Congress conferences, ISAR Astrology conferences, BDTB Breaking Down the Borders online conferences, SAC Sky Astrology Conference, SVAC Sedona Vedic Astrology Conference

Julene’s Mission to Reconnect Astrologers with the Night Sky

  • Began writing Sky Watch for the IAA Newsletter in 2000 to help students locate the planets in the night sky
  • Began lecturing on Astronomy for Astrologers at astrology conferences in 2006
  • Author of the Sky Watch column that appears in each of issue of The Mountain Astrologer since 2008
  • Co-founded the Sky Astrology Conference  with Adam Gainsburg & Gary Caton in 2014
  • Co-created the first Sky Astrology Conference in Eluthera, Bahamas in 2015
  • Co-created the second Sky Astrology Conference in Moffat, Colorado in 2018

What students have to say about classes with Julene:

“I like Julene and her approach to teaching. She has volumes of knowledge, enthusiasm and a great sense of humor. She is also very accessible to her students between classes and encourages thinking and growth both in class and in homework assignments.”

“Julene is a master and is very knowledgeable of this material and has good methodology.”

“It was really interesting to see the timing play out. I was skeptical about being able to do the timing with all three of my charts but was pleasantly surprised that it did in fact work well. This will be a very good tool to have.”

“Julene is a great instructor and her classes are fun.”

“I really like Julene’s teaching style – her enthusiasm and her ability to relay difficult material in a simplified and organized manner.”

What Julene’s clients have to say about their astrology consultations:

“Thank you for your astute and insightful words, your willingness to set me straight. Your kind, generous help fashioned a little boat of safety and faith and it helped me so much. Never doubt the good that you do”

“Thank you for your illuminating insight, extremely helpful. The consultation was amazing! Thanks for your healing.” 

“This was my first astrology reading and I didn’t know what to expect. I was amazed at all the things you could tell from my chart. Thank you so much for you help and insight into what I am going through and helping me to see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

“Thank you, thank you. I sent out the applications on the date you suggested and I got an acceptance letter within a day of when you said I would!” 

“Thank you for your time, patience, understanding, and willingness to look astrologically at the pros and cons and timing of [a major life decision]. I am so glad your reading gave me the tools I need to make the best decision. I decided […] and seem to be doing quite well. I wanted to let you know that and how much I appreciated the reading.”  

“You did a reading for me several years ago. I am having some life challenges and would appreciate your insights again.”

“I would like to have a yearly astrology reading for my birthday again. I enjoy all of your readings so much.”

“I am so glad [a friend] referred me to you. He had a very positive experience with you and so did I. Thank you for your insights. The reading was very helpful.” 

“I’ve been to a few other astrologers and have not been impressed. Your reading was excellent and surpassed my expectations.”

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