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If my reading helped you, leave a comment and let others know. It might help if those who are on the fence about ordering a reading.  I graciously appreciate your feedback and support. After all helping you is why I do what I do and love what I do. So thank you for making that possible!

3 Responses to Consult Testimonials

  1. Victoria says:

    I have had several readings with Julene over the past few years. She was recommended to me by a leading Australian astrologer who I studied under in the nineties but had recently retired. Of all the people she knew in the world of astrology, Julene was the one she recommended I speak to and I can see why. Her knowledge of vedic astrology informs her more traditional readings, which I like, but she is also very easy to talk to. The 3 month follow up is particularly useful as often there are things that come up in the reading that you sit on for a while and then need to check in again. I wouldn’t have thought of consulting an American astrologer but chatting online in the privacy of your home makes the process incredibly easy. So if you are thinking of booking a consultation, Julene is one of the best.

  2. Heidi Newell says:

    A reading with Julene is an opportunity to gain the knowledge needed to create the life you really want. I have had several readings with Julene. I deeply appreciate her compassion and sensitive nature while giving astrological counseling. It is nice to know she is understanding of your needs/feelings/desires and concerns. You get the sense that she cares about you. She cares about your life. She cares about whether you succeed or not. I come away with a sense that there is hope. I like that feeling.

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