Prasha (Horary)

Prashna  $50/question

Prashna for quick yes and no questions, finding lost objects, and other one time queries into a particular situation. It is important that the question is asked for the first time. You can’t ask one astrologer, tarot reader or other such practitioner a question, receive an answer you don’t like and ask it again to someone else. The chart of the second time you ask will either be radical – meaning it won’t show the question in the chart and therefore can’t be answered, or, the chart will show the time of the question has passed. You have to wait until something about the circumstance has changed significantly to alter the original result.

Prashna – the Logistics

When you order this reading, please include your question with your order.  Put it in the text box that asks “what do you want your reading to focus on?”  I may have time to read and answer the question right away and I may not. This is OK, I consider it as what needs to happen to get the chart of the “right moment” to answer your question.  I will answer by email with a copy of the chart within 1 – 72 hours, but typically within 24 – 36 hours. The appointment time you are choosing is for me to discuss the answer with you, but you will likely receive your answer by email before then. 

The questions are answered from a chart cast for the moment that I receive and understand the question in my location – not when you sent it in your location.  I may need clarification or more information from you before I can answer the question or a question may arise that I need to ask while I am looking at the chart in order to answer the question. So please keep an eye on your email until your question is answered or provide me with your phone number, time zone, and acceptable hours over the next 48 hours to call you with any questions if you prefer. You can add that right after your question in that same text box.  Give the hours in your time zone by including your location, and I will convert it to my time zone.

ordernowbuttonFirst, make sure you read below and pose your question properly. This will save us some time going back and forth in the email or on the phone.

Prashna – Posing the Question Properly

To minimize the back and forth and enable me to answer your questions as quickly as possible, please read the following on how to phrase your questions for clarity.

Yes or No Questions:  “Should I take this specific (name it) job offer?” “Should I take this specific offer (identify it) on my property?” “Will I get this specific (name it) job? Specific (identify it) House? Marriage proposal from this specific (their name) person?”  “Should I invest in this specific (you get the idea) thing?”  “Should I buy this specific thing?” “Should I sell this specific thing?” “Should I hire this particular person? Fire this particular person? Marry this particular person?” “Is so and so telling the truth about this particular thing?”  Yes or No questions about a current specific issue are the easiest to get clear answers to and questions should be posed as such whenever possible.  In addition to answering yes or no, the reason why or why not will be shown in the chart along with the likely outcome of taking the action.

Queries into a specific currently pressing matter: “Where is my specific lost object?”  “What is currently wrong with my health?”   “Why haven’t I heard back about something specific? Or from someone specific?”  “What is really going on with this particular person or matter in this particular situation?”  These questions give indications as to the location and surroundings of a lost object, and as such can give indications to what is surrounding a particular person in a specific situation you are involved with.

When it is actually a natal question: Questions like “will I ever … ?” are the most difficult to answer with Prashna because a Prashna question comes with the supposition of “if things continue as they are now, will … happen?” So many things can happen between now and the “will I ever” of an entire life span, that this is not the best way to handle these type of questions. These questions are better answered from determining what your natal chart says about the matter and give you time frames of when the windows of opportunity are open for it to occur.  If you are unsure what type of question yours is, don’t worry about it. I will know and answer it accordingly.


Notices & Policies

Privacy Notice: I will never discuss your Prashna question or answer with anyone, nor will I share the chart with anyone, nor will I even tell anyone you asked me a question. Your privacy is completely honored and respected. Your question is your business and no one else’s.

Cancellation Policy for Prashna: You must cancel your Prashna Question within 30 minutes of purchasing it to receive a full refund.  It is possible that I had begun working on your question immediately – as I do try to do!  Cancellations of Prashna Questions after 30 minutes of purchase will receive a refund  minus a $20 cancellation fee; or the refund can be waived and exchanged to full credit toward your next Prashna purchase.


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