Sky Astrology Conference Webinar

2016-09-12 20:00 - 22:00

Underworld Mercury & Collective Mars 

Mercury will be at inferior conjunction on September 12th, which is the second of three alignments to happen in the degrees of Denebola — the star that marks the tail of the Lion constellation. A bit earlier on September 3rd, Mars will begin his 22-day Destiny Challenge Phase which signals clearly that the Red Planet has entered the most collectively-minded period of his entire two-year cycle. Whatever our personal frustrations around Mars’ recent retrograde period and his conjunction with Saturn and the Heart of the Scorpion (Antares), we must funnel our drive now into bringing our new visions for an improved society to tangible fruition. Julene will start off the webinar with an overview on the unique retrograde motions of the inner planets, Mercury and Venus (different from the outers). Adam will dive into the deeper meaning of Mars’ Destiny Challenge Phase and how it might play out for us; and Gary will detail the significations of this specific inferior conjunction, the unique retrograde loop Mercury will make and its implications with respect to Mercury’s three visits with Denebola!

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