Moon with Aldebaran & Venus – April 25 & 26

Look due west as sunset darkens to sky to see the Moon join Aldebaran this evening April 25 and then Venus tomorrow April 26. Aldebaran is the alpha star of Taurus, marking the eye of the Bull. Aldebaran is a red giant with a radius 44 times larger than our … Continue reading →

Tithi – Lunar Day

The Tithis are the 30 divisions of the synodic cycle1 between the Sun and Moon, or put another way, the 30 lunar days between one New Moon and the next. The actual length of the Solar-Lunar synodic cycle is about 29.5 days. Therefore, we would think each Tithi is slightly … Continue reading →

Basic Principles of Panchanga

The Panchanga is the Indian almanac that is used to determine the quality of the energy for the day. It is composed of five (panch) limbs (anga) that represent five sources of energy and deals primarily with Sun, Moon, and their relationship to each other. When working with the Panchanga … Continue reading →